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Our programs are selected to meet the unique needs of students who want high standards for academics, but need a non-traditional pace and more one-on-one attention.

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Infinity Academy offers comprehensive curricula through Acellus Academy a program developed by the International Academy of Sciences. This highly motivating, multi-sensory, award-winning K-12 diploma program is “at your own pace,” therefore allowing a great deal of flexibility for students in learning content. 


Monday through Thursday, students work on core academics and elective classes. On Fridays, students participate in a social skills focus group, career exploration, and explore fitness activities.

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All students will receive positive behavioral support with social communication and executive function during organic interactions such as indoor and outdoor play, board games, and activities such as field trips, music therapy, and martial arts. We have daily individual, small, and large group activities to develop self-awareness and social skills. Students are also required to take social-emotional health classes through Acellus Academy. 

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Each Friday will be used for personal projects and career exploration. Students will have opportunities to pursue individual interests and will have three levels of “scaffolding” support for entering the workplace and/or college. Students have "jobs" at school to complete each day with training for success to build confidence in their abilities. We also partner with the University of Missouri Pre-employment Services and Vocational Rehabilitation to provide job skills training and internships for our students. 



MUSIC: Students will engage in a very personalized, eclectic art and music program led by Heyday Music & Dance in Ozark. Students have the opportunity to participate in individual and group lessons to experiment with various instruments and vocal styles. 

VISUAL ARTS: We have two art/maker spaces in the building for students to explore the visual arts, sewing, and crafting. We also explore Springfield businesses in the arts and try pottery, painting, and other mediums, and we partner with the Springfield Art Museum to learn about art history and try the artistic techniques of prominent artists. 

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Thanks to the generosity of MTA Republic, Infinity Academy will provide non-competitive Taekwondo once per week. We also have two Explore Fitness Fridays per month in which we participate in a variety of activities such as bowling, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. We take daily walks on the trail near our school and have several indoor activities such as sensory swings, a punching bag, a trampoline, and Apple fitness apps. High school students are also required to take a health and physical education course through Acellus Academy.


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