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2023-24 School Year

  • Application - FREE 

  • Enrollment - FREE, Tuition payment due at the time of enrollment as well as the Service Hour Deposit Fee 

(Enrollment form is to be completed yearly, to ensure re-enrollment for the following school year)

  • Tuition - See enrollment options below


Service Hour Requirement:

TEN hours of Volunteer time are required per family, per year. Beginning the 2023-24 school year all Infinity families will pay a non-refundable $500 Service Hour Deposit Fee. After the first year, the fee can be avoided by serving 10 hours of volunteer time each year. The year prior determines if the following year you are charged the yearly $500 Service Hour Fee. 

If you have questions about which enrollment option is best for your student and family please contact us at


Tuition may not include all school supplies, field trip costs, and other materials fees.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month or annually for the school year. Infinity Academy is a year-round program - Monthly tuition payments are broken down over 12 months for an easy payment option. If your student is only attending school during the traditional school months (August through May) and you are on the monthly payment option you are still committed to the June and July payments.

Full-Time Tuition $11,700 (monthly payments of $975)

Part-Time Tuition $9,000 (monthly payments of $750)


Discounts are added to annual tuition payments. Late payments may be subject to late fees. 


Part-Time enrollment is limited. 

2023-24 School Year (updated June 2023)

Currently, part-time enrollment is OPEN

Currently, full-time enrollment is OPEN

Currently, H.O.M.E. enrollment is OPEN


*All graduation requirements must be met to earn an accredited diploma. Previous school work must be submitted and approved to be counted towards graduation credits for an accredited diploma, additional fees may apply. 

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