Dr. Brenda Bradshaw, Executive Director & President of the Board of Directors

Dr. Brenda Bradshaw is the co-founder and director of Infinity Academy. A former elementary and middle school teacher, special reading teacher, assistant professor of elementary education, author and publisher, "Dr. B" has a passion for kids, literacy and making learning engaging. She is also certified in gifted education and has had extensive training in helping children with underlying cognitive barriers to learning. She has a 20-year history of lending support, training, advocacy, respect and service to the special needs community. Her award-winning book, The Alien Logs of Super Jewels, is a zany first-person account of a young girl with Asperger's Syndrome. Dr. Bradshaw remains focused on the mission and goals of the the Academy, works with community outreach and support, and enjoys assisting students and teachers in any way possible in the daily activities of the school.

Julie Doerr, Assistant Director & House Leader

A 20-year veteran of teaching, Julie started her career in a private school setting for students that were unsuccessful in a regular public school. She then started a therapeutic program in a public school for students with social emotional needs. She has been a self-contained teacher, a district program teacher for students with social/emotional disabilities, and an at-risk teacher. She worked through her summers as a summer school teacher or a social skills teacher for a summer program at a private school designed for students with complex learning disabilities.

Julie earned her bachelor of arts degree in Elementary and Special Education, a masters of arts in Counseling and a Specialist Education degree in Elementary and Secondary School Leadership & Administration, all from Lindenwood University. As a child, she struggled in school and only graduated because of alternative school programs and a few truly dedicated teachers that took her under their wings. She became a teacher in hopes of being that same inspiration to her students. She is also a wife and mother and in her free time she enjoy reading, floating and camping. She enjoys learning about each student and supporting them in reaching their personal goals.

Kaitlin Rivera, Teacher & Aleodan House Leader

Kaitlin received her bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education and Special Education in 2016 from Oklahoma Baptist University. She has rich experiences working with special needs students at Camp Barnabas, providing care for individuals in their homes, and working with a bell choir at her church. When she is not living out her passion for students with special needs she is enjoying time outdoors, reading, cooking, volunteering, and spending time with those she loves.

Emmi Kerr, House Leader

Emmi graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar in 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Psychology. She has worked with kids and families in many different capacities, including: working in Live Entertainment at Worlds of Fun, being a Girl Scout camp counselor for five summers, and working as a paraprofessional for SPS summer school and as a substitute teacher during the school year. Most recently, she was a Behavioral Interventionist with FosterAdopt Connect in the Kansas City area. She assisted families of adopted children to assist them with behavioral issues and understanding their emotions and expressing themselves appropriately, and incorporated a variety of neurostimulating activities, and taught functional life skills. As a teacher at Infinity Academy, she strives to provide daily encouragement, foster academic and creative growth, celebrate individuality, and continue to provide students with an environment where they feel safe and valued. She loves everything creative and artistic and learning about all different types of people and how each person's uniqueness makes them spectacular.

Jessica Murphy, House Leader

Jessica earned a bachelor of science degree in criminology and has worked with special needs children and adults for 17 years. She started working with individuals with special needs when she had her daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. During the past ten years, she worked in public schools and private settings with individuals with special needs. She loves to find new ways to help individuals enjoy things they love and to help improve life skills for healthy independent living. At home she enjoys being with her family, exploring new places and gardening.

Nelligos of Everest, Official School Mascot


​Nelligos is an original name submitted by Andrew, one of our students. "Nell" means "light," so our dragon is
a guardian of the light, or all that is good. GOS stands for "Gaming Operating System." (Mt.) Everest is a symbol of conquering seemingly insurmountable challenges. "Everest" was submitted by community member, Anna Cooper. We are pleased to have a combination of names from our students and the community. Our dragon's description is:

  • Guardian of Everest, our school, the place where we meet our challenges with courage and determination

  • Defender of Nell, the light, all that is good