Tuition Assistance Policy

Our tuition assistance program offers reduced tuition rates to families based on their financial need. We extend this assistance to make the school available to families with low incomes or specific financial hardships. The tuition rate is set and approved annually by the Infinity Academy Board of Directors. The total amount of tuition assistance granted during any given school year depends on the financial status of the school. Families must re-apply for tuition assistance annually. We expect families receiving tuition assistance to meet all contractual expectations, communicate with us about any changes in financial status and increase tuition as they are able. Approval of applications for tuition assistance are also determined by the current distribution of students across grade levels and opportunities to create a diverse population.

Application Process

  1. Complete the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION online here or download/pick up a paper application and email to or mail to Infinity Academy, 1720 W. Elfindale, Springfield, MO 65807Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. Once application is reviewed and your child is admitted to the school, your request for Tuition Assistance will be reviewed.

  3. Applications will be reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. We may ask for additional information about your income and assets. We trust that you will act honestly and with concern for the school’s financial stability.

Tuition Assistance Expectations

  • All families are required to pay a minimum tuition payment of $250 per month. We expect that you will pay as much as possible toward full tuition.

  • You will pursue all avenues possible to be able to pay tuition—such as reducing other expenses, seeking help from extended family, soliciting sponsorships from community businesses and organizations. Sponsors are often willing to pay for an aspect of a student's expenses such as online education fees, school supplies, elective classes such as martial arts or fine arts. Please see the director for informational brochures to take to potential sponsors. Donations are tax-deductible.


  • You will explore alternate ways to contribute to the school such as volunteerism, tutoring, fundraising, and help with facility maintenance. Discuss opportunities with the director.

Contractual Agreement

Each family will enter an annual written contract that details the amount of tuition paid and the payment plan. In that contract, you must verify that the information you have provided is correct. We expect you to make your payments on time—due on the first day of each month if paying in 10 installments. The payment schedule, fees for installment payments, and fees for late payments are detailed in the enrollment & tuition policy and enrollment and tuition agreement. We expect you to communicate with us about any changes in payment schedule and financial status.

Tuition Assistance can be applied for during the enrollment application form here.

***Provide a copy of your most current annual tax return or copies of your current W-2 forms by email ( or postal mail (1720 W Elfindale, Springfield, MO 65807) or FAX (417) 708-4779

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