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Dr. Brenda Bradshaw, Board of Directors - President

Dr. Brenda Bradshaw is the co-founder and former executive director of Infinity Academy. A former elementary and middle school teacher, special reading teacher, assistant professor of elementary education, author and publisher, "Dr. B" has a passion for kids, literacy and making learning engaging. She is also certified in gifted education and has had extensive training in helping children with underlying cognitive barriers to learning. She served as Chairman of the Board of STARS for Autism, an organization whose members lend support, training, advocacy, respect and service to the autism community. Her award-winning book, THE ALIEN LOGS OF SUPER JEWELS, is a zany first-person account of a young girl with developmental differences. She currently lives in Kansas City and is the owner and manager of The Potter’s Cottage, a paint-your-own pottery business that employs individuals with special needs. Dr. Bradshaw remains focused on the mission and goals of Infinity Academy, works with community outreach and support, and enjoys assisting students and teachers in any way possible in the daily activities of the school.

Jen Hargrove, LPC, MA Ed, MS, Board of Directors - Vice President

Jen Hargrove is a licensed counselor in the state of Missouri, High School Special Education teacher and case manager. She has 16 years experience helping individuals, couples and families reach their full potential and work through life's challenges.

She is deeply passionate about serving others through counseling. Her desire is to help people be set free and find all that life has to offer. She has a Master's in Education and Mental Health Counseling with a Certificate in Addictions. She also holds educational certifications in math, science, special education, and school counseling in Missouri and Florida. In her free time, she teaches online and raises her four children ranging in ages from 3 to 22.

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Julie Doerr, Board of Directors - Secretary

Julie Doerr is the current Director of Infinity Academy. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in Elementary and Special Education, a master of arts in Counseling, and a Specialist Education degree in Elementary and Secondary School Leadership & Administration, all from Lindenwood University. Julie has worked in private and public schools, she has worked with a variety of individuals with special needs. As a child, she struggled in school and only graduated because of alternative school programs and a few truly dedicated teachers that took her under their wings. She became a teacher in hopes of being that same inspiration to her students. She is also a wife and mother and in her free time, she enjoys reading, floating, and camping. She enjoys learning about each student and supporting them in reaching their personal goals.

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Leo LaFauce, Board of Directors - Treasurer

Leo LaFauce has lived in the Springfield area for 5 years with his wife and son. He has served on another board for a small private school in Illinois. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas and furthered his education at the University of Minnesota. He currently is employed with a contract company as a Clinical Perfusionist. His responsibility is to operate the heart/lung machine for patients that have open-heart surgery. He has spent his entire career in the healthcare field in both managerial and clinical positions. 

Leo’s son, Adam, is a 2020 graduate of Infinity Academy, with a traditional high school diploma that he earned in a non-traditional environment. Before Infinity Adam struggled in school, at Infinity he flourished and participated in social activities, field trips, and other school functions successfully.

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